How to Seller Information Submit to Google Sellers.json File

How to Fix Google Sellers.json File

What is Sellers.json This is a mechanism by which direct and indirect buyers are found in selling digital advertising. And collects them in separate tables. Fix Google Sellers.json File. Currently, it is easy to identify the seller through and Publisher.domain. Sellers.json file At this time, new bloggers and new utbars who have recently taken the approval of Adsense for their channels and blogs with great hard work and enthusiasm. They have received a notification in the address of the file sellers.json. People seem quite upset about it. They fear…

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How To Open Alinma Bank Account in Saudi Arabia

Open Alinma Bank Account

If you are working in Saudi Arabia. And you want to Open Alinma Bank Account. So you can easily open your account in the manner describ below. Documents required To open an online account in any bank of Saudi Arabia, you have to have an Iqama and Absher account. If you do not have an Absher account. You can easily create your Absher account by going to any Hyper market. How to Open an Account To open an account, open your mobile or laptop. Now open any browser in it.…

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How to Use IFTTT Trigger Auto Post to Facebook and blogger

  What about section out of the email to send a few bits to do. We still have to you know put their user name in and probably expand a bit on some of the things.   They lay around when I get the shuttle for a startup. I’ll have to connect my Shopify store to this so many products can show up on my Facebook page. I’ll get asked a lot is what social media do. I’m focus on the most still for me my preference is Facebook on…

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How to solve every blogging problem in blogger

  If you have created a blog on the Blogger platform. So today, I will know How to solve every blogging problem in blogger. And how to overcome the error problem in the blog. And how to manage it’s privacy and security. Can I Delete a Blog Without Accessing My Account?   If you do not want to keep the blog for long. And your blogger account is also not being signed. And you want to delete the blog forever. First you will recover your Blogger account. If you do not remember the email…

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How to Change Look of the blog

If you have created a blog on the Blogger platform. So today i will know how to change look of the blog. How to make theme page and layout look good. And how to format widgets and background and font style etc. How to change the design of a blog   If you want to change the layout and color and scheme etc. of the blog. So you can change them very easily. Which will make the look and design of your blog look different. How to change the gadget…

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